What We Do

At My Grill Cleaners, we believe in providing a convenient and effective BBQ grill cleaning service so that you can enjoy a healthy and hassle-free experience every time you grill. Our mission is to provide our customers throughout the Salt Lake City, Utah area with the confidence that their grilling experience will be healthy, clean, and stress-free. 

When BBQ grills are not regularly cleaned, homeowners risk facing numerous health hazards like carcinogens and bacteria left behind by old food or unwelcome pests, excessive smoke, and dangerous flare-ups. 

Everyone loves a good barbecue, but the clean-up is such a hassle. Enhance your grilling experience, and extend the life of your grill, by leaving the dirty work to one of our trained technicians.

Providing BBQ cleaning services to Salt Lake City, Park City, Sandy, and throughout all of Utah's Wasatch Front.

Discounts Available

We value customer loyalty. Ask us about one of our many savings opportunities or visit our Discounts Page to see how you can  qualify.

Why Deep-Clean with Us?

We Remove Harmful Carcinogens

Grill residue leads to dangerous carcinogenic buildup that can be transferred to your food, impacting both health and taste.

We Enhance Your Safety

Consistent grill cleaning service reduces smoke and dangerous flare-ups. Grease buildup is the leading cause of barbecue grill fires.

We Protect Your Investment

Our BBQ cleaning service can effectively restore your barbecue back to its original luster. Regular grill cleaning service will prolong the lifespan of your grill. 

We Provide Eco-Friendly Service

My Grill Cleaners only uses eco-friendly products that protect the environment and your loved ones while effectively getting the job done. 

Our Mission

To  provide our customers in Salt Lake City, Utah (and surrounding areas) with the confidence that their barbecue experience will be healthy, clean, and stress-free.